Blackberry and Exchange 2010, Any easy way to connect them together without BES

I have a customer with a new Exchange 2010 environment and some blackberry phones.
One person said there was some kind of agent for Exchange 2010 wich you can buy and then easy connect your blackberry phone.

I don't want to have a BES server, but i want to connect the blackberry phones.

Anyone knows this program or any advice how to connect them without BES?
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xdomainsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've not tried this, but looks like worth a try -

1.NotifyLink for Microsoft Exchange from Notify Technology
2.ActiveSync for Blackberry from AstraSync
when you say 'easily connect your blackberry phone' - do you want OTA contacts and calendar sync ?

As xdomains said, Notifylink and Astrasync are 2 third party applications that'll do it, though i dnot have any personal experience with it.
RemcoViCEOAuthor Commented:
i need to sync. e-mail message too. So i am currently looking at ActiveSync and will do the same for NotifyLink.

I will let you know if this is what i am looking for.
Ok - Other than the third party tools, the only way for OTA sync is through BES, which you do not want to install. :)
RemcoViCEOAuthor Commented:
ActiveSync was the program i was looking for.
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