Remote Access to Windows Network for MAC users

We have implemented Remote Access to our Company Network via Terminal services (RemoteApp and RDP). We hae a Windows 2003 Domain and the Terminal Services Server is windows Server 2008.
However, I have some users who have MACs at home and they would like remote access too. I could not think of any way of ensuring MAC users benefit from the same level of access as PC users. A

Any ideas?
Thank you
Gospodin RasputinIT ManagerAsked:
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Yes..u can do this remote Desktop Connection Client  for Mac, Download this client tool from microsoft and try to connect for your mac users.

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It is definately possible.

Here are a couple of possible options



Open in new window

Added Image of TSCLIENTX
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Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi radhakrishnan2007:,
Tried your method and it presents me with the logon screen to log in to the terminal sever. i enter the username and password, then it comes up with the error messagae " To log on to this remote computer, you must be granted allow log on through terminal services right. by default..........." .

But these same user accounts are able to log on from RDC on a PCs without any problem.

i will try the other methods in the list to see how easy it is.
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Balkanite:,
What is the diffreence between your and the version suggested by radhakrishnan2007.
thank you.
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hello Hi radhakrishnan2007,
I forgot to mention that it allows me to logon as adminstrator, but not as any other TS user.!!!
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Balkanite,
How do I determine if my Mac is Intel or Power PC. All I know is that it is Mac OS X version 10.6
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hello Balkanite,
TSClientX takes me to the logon window, then the sae error message I got about the user not having the rights to logon.
Any further suggestions?
If the OS is 10.6, it is an Intel Mac. 10.6 won't run on PPC Macs.
I believe it is the Intel Mac that you require.
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi There.
Any ideas as to why the Remote Desktop Connection Client  for Mac is saying the user cannot logon though the user can logon when RDC-ing from a PC to the same TSGateway..
Are they RDC'ing directly to an external IP address or using a VPN?
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
To an external IP address
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
I may have given you the wrong info regarding directly or via VPN. We connect directly to TSGateway (domain name or IP), both allows us to connect, but the applications advertised on the RemoteApp (TS Web Access) page. On clicking on any of the published applications, it opens up another authentication window for us to log in and access the application. On the RemoteApp window, we also have a shortcut to Remote Desktop which logs us on to the remote desktop of the server hosting the applications (i.e. our tsgateway only serves as a gateway, while the applications are hosted on another server sitting behind the TSGateway). Is this the scenario you referred to as VPN?

This scenario works perfectly well for windows XP and Vista PCs. Where we are having difficulty is connecting MAC clients using RDC for MACs 2.01.
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
On adding the user to the TSagteway's Remote Desktop Users Group, it allows me to log on to the TSGateway, but i need to log on to a server behind the TSGateway as no applications are hosted on the TSGateway server rather they are hosted on the internal server which does not have a public IP address.
It sounds like an authentication problem of some sort. Do any of the links I posted help?
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Strung,

All the links you sent are relevant to Windows Clients using RDP. That works fine already. The one we are having trouble with are MAC clients using RDP 2.01 for MACs.
It sounds from your description as if the Mac RDC client is doing its job and allowing you to access the TS server, but there is some sort of authentication problem in the underlying server, which I would have thought was a server problem. Certainly the error message you are getting implies that that users are not properly authorized.
Gospodin RasputinIT  ManagerAuthor Commented:
With windows clients, the system understands that the authorised user is after an application that is on a server behind the TSGateway. With the MAC, it appears to be thinking that  the TSGateway is also the applications server. Obviously, the TSGateway is just a gateway to the real Terminal Services server.

This is the dilemma.!!!
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