UNC Paths on Windows XP


We have just migrated a customer into a new AD (2008 R2). In the process of doing this we also migrated their old W2K file server called "oldfileserver".
the customer has various links to this oldfileserver resource in excel spreadsheets etc via the unc path name. To get this to continue working we put a DNS entry in
for oldfileserver to resolve to the newfileservers IP.

If we ping oldfileserver it resolves to newfileserver.domain.local as expected on both XP and Windows 7.

However..... the UNC path of say \\oldfileserver\share doesn't work on XP. wrks fine on Windows 7.

DNS suffix is fine on machines in question.

any ideas would be very much appreciated....


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Gianpiero RossiConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
maybe you have to try to verify the "DisableStrictNameChecking" setting
you can find it inside the registri at the following location
you have to put the 1 value as i'm writing below


you have to edit this value in the fileserver registry and then reboot it (if u can)

let meknow

jamiepaulmarshallAuthor Commented:
The setting doesn't exist. its server 2008 x64..... should it be there?
Gianpiero RossiSystem AdministratorCommented:
if you don't find add it
it should work also in win2k8
jamiepaulmarshallAuthor Commented:
worked a treat. Many thanks.

Gianpiero RossiSystem AdministratorCommented:
u r welcome! Jumpa
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