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Don't allow users to change the folder name but allow them to add/delete files and folders below


I want to be able to set permissions on a folder and lock it down so that users can't rename the folder but still be able to add/delete/modify files and folders within that area. How would I do this?


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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Lock it down so users do not have any permissions other than "Traverse" and apply it to that folder only.

Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
on root folder set users permissions to "List folder contents" only, then create subfolder where you give them proper rights (modify) to be able manage their folders and files.
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ranskiAuthor Commented:
can you be more specific mojotech.
Lets say i have a folder located at \\server\share\foldername
under folder name i have several folders. I want staff to be able to add/delete/modify folders and files within these but not be able to rename any of the serveral folders. Isiek, I do not want add an additional folder then grant modify rights to that as it would just be adding another layer.
What steps do i need to take. Lets say the users are in a security group called usersadv
Assuming you do not want any users to be able to save anything directly into the foldername folder....
Give the usersadv group list folder contents only (or even read/execute if you feel like it) access to the foldername folder.

To the sub folders in the foldername folder give the usersadv group modify access. You then need to remove inheritance from these folders, go into advanced permissions, edit the permissions for usersadv, change the scope of the permissions to subfolders and files only.

They wont be able to
a) change the name of foldername
b) change the name of the subfolders in foldername

They will be able to
a) create/delete/modify files and folders within all subfolders.

Hope that helps.

ranskiAuthor Commented:
This doesn't work.
I'll try to explain a little more. Basically the folder name directly under the share is a template that we use for new work.
Under the template there are serveral main folder titles. In each of these several folders there are additional folders. In this area (under any of the serveral folder names) we want them to be able to rename/delete/add additional folders or files. We don't want them to be able to change the titles of any of the several folder names.
When applying the permissions suggested only the very last files and folders are able to be modified which is not what we want
So you have something like:

New Work
   ---Acc Payable
   ---Acc Rec

you want people to be able to change folders like Leads,Reports,Advertisements e.t.c....is that right?

If so give your security group read access to New Work, then use the permissions I mentioned above on the subfolders e.g sales, finance, marketing to change the scope.

Am I understanding you correctly?
ranskiAuthor Commented:
I think i may have sorted it.
If i appy the permissions as mentioned above.
Basically if I set the very top folder as read only for the group. Then set the serveral folders as read only but for that folder only. Then add the group again with modify permissions for subfolders and files. At this stage I get the issue mentioned above but if i then at the basic permissions box tick write for the users it appears to work perfectly.
Can anyone see any issues with this?
ranskiAuthor Commented:
Hi geo...
No that wouldn't work as there are folders beneath the leads folders as well
ok, Im a little confused but if you have a solution that works then roll with it if you have tested it thoroughly.

I do what I mentioned above in my environment and it works for me.
ranskiAuthor Commented:
Gave you the points as you helped the most and was more specific
cool....thanks ranski. Hope it all works out.
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