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How to make enhanced CD?

Hi EEs,

What software i must use to make a enhanced CD,

I got one CD which is made using Mecromedia Software but i am not able to get with which software it was made. when ever i insert this cd into drive it opens with autorun media player...

Kindly advice the software by which i can make enhanced CD

For your ref i am enclosing the property & contains of the cd as well.

an earlier reply will be highly appreciated,

many thanks,

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dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Any Updatesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Sorry dxbdxb2009 seems noone knows what was used to create this CD
This is not my area but at a guess I'd say it was (publishing to a .exe file) then burnt to an auto run CD using Roxio or Nero

That's the impression I get looking at the pink triangle icon auto run for the flash video
tools you can use to create the project
 Flash MX
There is plenty of guides on the net how to make the auto run cd, but what software to use is now in your hands to decide.
Flash EXE Presentation for an Auto-Run CD

Creating an Auto-Start CD using Flash
Just to add in one of your snaps your using WMP, and of course it's looking up codecs
WMP will not play flash try using any of these
swiff player
shockwave player
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Enhanced CD's or CD-Plus used to be widely used for advertising media when PC DVD players were not widely available, the limitation on data content means they have to a great extent been abandoned in favour of the higher storage capacity (better quality content) that mass produced DVDs can provide.
They work by combining two different formatted areas providing separate audio CD format and video/data format.  The downside remains that they rely on PC playback and can't be used in standalone CD players.
I could write a lot on building your own but there is already a site that does this
Start here, it's a site written by a Russian programmer who created E-CD's to promote their band (some of the site is translated into English - fortunately this includes all the important instructions).
Here's some more detail on the structure and practical tips.  Remember that when this was written the recordable CD was king.  Some of the software mentioned is no longer available but most burning packages will work as long as you remember to record data CD with multiple sessions.
Interesting project and I hope you'll learn a lot.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
thanks for your info...

my autorun file says it is a "micromedia projector"

would be great for me if you could just search for me a software which can do the same....will be easy for me...

an earlier reply lwould be highly appreciated,

many thanks,

Can do the same, hmm I dont have personal experience with Macromedia flash MX Dreamweaver,
what type of files do you wish to work with?
Any experience with video editing?
What tools do you currently have?
If specifically for flash you'd need flash tools, Macromedia is very expensive and requires an extensive learning curb, Adobe products also very expensive
Chameleon Flash trial
Photo Flash Maker

A work around is to create your project first, regardless the format
Any video editing tool  can add your clips together on a video timeline with audio then convert it to flash
 and burn an auto run cd with the Flash projector since it allows you to run Flash files as a standalone executable
you can use numerous software with editing capabilities such as Quicktime Pro
Windows MovieMaker quite good in windows 7 free
Sony Vegas Movie Studio
Camatasia Studio
This is quite a large topic so I hope I have covered it moderately for you
Regards Merete
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Marcomedia Projector format is just a cointainer that allows the SWF Flash file to be played without a browser present.
Google for SWF to EXE unlerss you already have any Flash products in which case a Projector Creator is included.
dxbdxb2009Author Commented:
Thanks to all of you...for being with me ....well i can say this links help me solving my prob..
many thanks once again..
Thankyou very much always happy to know we assisted in someway.
All the Best
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