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Silent Java .msi Install

I'm attempting to install JavaRE silently by using the .msi file, however, I can only get to a certain point before I get an error saying that the .cab file was not found. Does anyone have any experience installing the .msi? Do I need to build some sort of transform file to get it to work without the .cab file?

Thanks for the help...I'm out of ideas.
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i have had problems running the msi before. Try the setup and see if you get the same error.
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I actually have only been tinkering with it manually lately since the silent install wasn't working. Manually, the .msi won't install, however the executable installs just fine.
If you can I would just use the executable. For some reason the msi just don't work. It is almost like they weren't completely compiled because they seem to be missing the cabinet files.
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You probably extracted the msi from the exe that you downloaded. The cab msi is looking for most likely was in the same exe. Extract it also, and place in the same directory as the msi.
specifically, you can launch the java setup exe, and, while having its first screen, go to %appdata%\Sun\Java\<version> and copy the files from there. Note also the .mst file, which is the transform, you'll probably want to apply it to the msi.
I've been doing that to get both the .mst and the .msi. The trouble is with deploying it to multiple users via the network. I think I just need to get the right arguments passed along when running the least that's where I am right now.
If you deploy by group policy, there's no way to specify any parameters, but most likely they are specified in the transform .mst.
I think within some of the last updates, Java has changed something with their .msi installers. I used to be able to install the Java .msi with psexec using msiexec. However, now I'm being asked for a .cab file when I run the install (locally). Shouldn't the .msi installer include the .cab file? Something just doesn't seem right with the way the .msi is built. Admittedly, I'm not an expert in this field so if I'm mistaken on this please inform me.
Yes, usually msi has the cab inside. If you give the address where you download the msi that asks for cab, I can take a look.
...apparently I forgot the previous conversation in this thread. I'm pretty sure the answer is in the comments 33614319 and 3614399.
I've responded to 33614319 and 3614399 with 33618643. Getting the .msi is not the problem. The problem is pushing the .msi out over a domain without having to go and add the .cab file to each computer as well. Having to do that defeats the purpose of having an .msi installer.
You said that you extracted msi and mst. But you also need to extract and place in the same directory as msi.
ditto on what vadimrapp1 said. granted that I haven't tried pushing out the latest java (so not aware of any changes), but making sure the extracted cab file is in the same directory as the MSI usually works for me.
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