Since a few days ago I have been getting the prompt "Cannot save file" every time I try to save a file to my network drive.  The only thing that happens is a file with the same name is saved with nothing in 0kb.  However if I save it to my local hard disk and than cut and paste to my network drive the file is saved.  I nebver had this problem before and it is happening from any MS Office 2007 application.  My user is included in the Administrators and I have Full Control both as User and as Administrator.  All my Windows updates are installed too.  Any ideas please?
Thanks to all for your invaluable help.
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AlexConnect With a Mentor TechCommented:

  1. Do you have CA Antivirus ? Please let me know.
  2. OR else the issue is due to corruption of the offline file store in the Client Side Cache  (CSC), this will cause a user to be unable to save Microsoft office documents of any type to  a network drive or folder. Offline folder synchronization might be forced by a Group Policy.
     1. Reboot into safemode.
     2. Log in as a local (non-domain) administrator.
     2. Take ownership of C:\Windows\CSC and all subfolders and files.
     3. Delete everything under C:\Windows\CSC, including the CSC folder itself. or if you need to be careful , cut and paste them to another location
     4. Restart computer, log into domain. The CSC folder will be re-created.  Offline file synchronization should now be working and users can  connect and save office documents to network drives and folders.
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mcustoAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for such a prompt reply. My anti virus is trends micro. I ll try your solution and revert back. Thanks
mcustoAuthor Commented:
Hi, thank you very much, the solution worked perfectly.

Thanks again.

You are very welcome ! All the very best !

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