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Access Query Error: "Operation must use an updateable query."

Not sure what I'm doing wrong on this update query.  

UPDATE tblMaster INNER JOIN tblPricing 

ON (tblMaster.fldSeries = tblPricing.COSER2) 
AND (tblMaster.fldMdlYr = tblPricing.COMDLYR) 
AND (tblMaster.fldPIO = tblPricing.COACCE) 

SET tblMaster.DlrCost = [tbl].[CODCTL];

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Instead of it running, I get an error message "Operation must use an updateable query."  Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or a way around this?

In my query, 'tblPricing' is a read-only table, but the 'tblMaster' (the one I'm trying to update) allows updates and edits.  Not sure if this information holds the key in solving my problem, but I at least wanted to present it.

Thanks for any help!
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