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Network security wire lan vs wlan


I have server, client pcs, switches all connected using wired LAN.

Now i would like to add WLAN to our site. This WLAN cannot view any share file or information in wired LAN.

First i think about seperate both network but it cost a bomb to setup WLAN seperately.

Then i think about share one connection on both wired LAN and WLAN.  But how can i seperate both IP and how to make sure that worms come from WLAN will not enter my wired LAN network. Since im using one switch for both network and does it run if two different ip scheme connect to it?

Please advise. Any best solution you can think of to solve this problem?

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Jerry Miller
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You can connect the WLAN adapter to the same network switch without the wireless clients seeing the rest of the network.  Make sure that the wireless adapter is also a DHCP server and has an IP range outside of your wired network. The wireless adapter will have an IP in the wired network for switch connectivity, but its internal facing IP will be in the wireless range.

For example, wired range, wireless range subnet mask for both
Your network switch should be able to cope with two networks without any problem.
Question is if your router can hande two networks and route them properly.
Or when you say switch do you actually mean router? What kind of router do you use?
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MARTiN: when i say switch i mean swicth

Is there any router that can route two network properly?

jmiller1979: is that mean i need to configure ip for client?
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looks like we've been through this earlier.
First of all - when it comes to security, if this is very important - do it properly.
And properly segmentation of wireless networks is to use a router/firewall with the ability to use either VLANs or routing between multiple IP-subnets - which would be a router above home-networking, but most business class firewalls do have this capability.

since you only have a wireless AP without router functionality, you cannot create a different IP network for the wireless clients, as they would not know where to send data to internet.

Designing a network with ability to separate wired and wireless networks doesn't cost too much.
Check prices in your region the following equipment: - firewall with VLAN support - swithc with VLAN support

Then create to VLANs on firewall
VLAN 10 - Wired network -
VLAN 20 - Wireless network -

Then connect wireless AP with IP, and Fortigate with IP and configure DHCP to hand out addresses from - and in firewall, DENY all traffice from VLAN 20 to VLAN 10, and allow traffic from VLAN 20 to WAN

And for wired network, configure Fortigate with IP and server with and deny all traffice from VLAN 10 to VLAN 20 and allow all traffic from VLAN 10 to WAN
Can i use like router/modem to do this? Any brand that come with firewall/router/modem that is suitable for this project.
not all routers have VLAN capabilities.
What router do you have?
fortinet is very expensive stuff. any opensource i can use?
Maybe this is something for you
any of these?
I see some of them has DMZ support. How this is configured varies between models.
Some let you create a different Zone with a different IP-address subnet, others only let you direct traffic from WAN to an existing computer on your LAN.

You can look at some Linksys routers and go for Tomato firmware, but have no overview of any of these firmwares has VLAN support
Ok can i know any cheap equipment that can do this vlan?
MARTiN: download from rapid share need to pay?
As MARTiN says; if you have a spare computer with several network cards, you can install/run a Linux router/firewall

you could look into a wireless router instead of a wireless AP, that way you can have different IP for wired and wireless without using VLANs. Since in any sense, you need a Router. If DLink is an option, look into the DIR-622 or similar
No there's a "Free" option as well, you just need to wait a minute or so before download begins.
question. example
internet-- router/modem( fa 0/1------------------------switch(vlan)--pc(
                   |                                                                                                          |---pc(
                   |____fa 0/2 ( fa 0/1(|
My question is can normal router like dlink or aztech setup interface to connect btw router to create vlan? the reason i connect router together is because i need internet connection for both network.
My router (Netgear Rangemax WNDR3700) does what you are wanting to do because it has a buiilt-in "guest" network that you set up separately.  It will not allow clients attached to that network to access anything on the LAN.  It also has wireless for the LAN, but you can set that up with security.  The guest network can also be set up with security, if you want, or just left unsecured as a true guest network.  Here is a link to the router:

This might do what you want for $150 with easy setup.
Does it has repeater feature for wireless ?
Not sure what you mean by "repeater feature."
You could use a D-Link DWL-G710 Externder to repeat the signal. Although it only supports 802.11g standard. (54Mbit)
MARTiN: dlink has feature profgeek: mention above?
If you need a repeater, you'll need to buy a separate device, as mentioned by MARTiN.  The router itself is the base and has pretty good range.  If you need longer range, you have to install a separate repeater device to extend the signal range.  What kind of range are you needing?
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Jakob Digranes
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