Printing takes a very long time from Macbook Pro to Xerox with all apps

We have a printing problem with the one Mac (Macbook Pro) in the office.  Everytime you try to print a document, email, PDF, whatever, the beach ball immediately shows up and it takes at least 5 minutes if not 10 minutes or more to print.
OS = OSX 10.5.8
Printers = Xerox Docucentres x 2

So far, the following troubleshooting has been performed with no results:
1. Reboot
2. Removed all printers and added again
3. Downloaded new drivers
4. First Aid to the HDD
5. Different Auditron Accounting Passcodes
Step 5 is looking to be Resetting PRAM and NVRAM (would this be recommended?)

Please help in suggesting what else could be causing the problem.
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et01267Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This link provides info on the xerox driver versions included in the Apple OSX 10.5 printing software

Compare these versions with the ones you downloaded from xerox.  It may be that the original Apple drivers work better - Note also that there is a Gutenprint driver for at least one Document Center printer, that might work better too.

The  Apple 10.5 xerox printing software can be had here

In addition, this thread seems to indicate a possible solution to printing delays with xerox printing:�

Finally, I see that 10.6 has newer printer drivers - in general, printing (particularly Windows printing) works a lot better in Snow Leopard (10.6) - you might want to try upgrading.
How is your network configured? That is, what is the path to the printer from the problem mac?

Are other macs on the same network (with the same 10.5.8 OSX) able to print without problem?

What do your logs show?
Try reducing the dpi to 600.
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padiapAuthor Commented:
Network is configured as an AD Windows Domain.  Path is by IP of the printer - of which I can successfully ping from the Mac.  As I stated before, this is the only Mac on the network.  When you say logs do you mean Xerox logs or Mac logs?  And what specifically should I be looking for?
padiapAuthor Commented:
Tried reducing the DPI setting in Adobe Indesign (CS4) but it was already set to 300dpi.

After further troubleshooting, I'm thinking it's a driver & printer config issue as it can successfully print to an HP network printer but not both Xerox document centres.  funny thing is I downloaded the latest drivers from the Xerox site (PS) and even tried removing the new driver and using the old driver - still getting the beach ball of death when attempting to print to either Xerox.
And how much DPI is in the driver? This should be also max 600 dpi.
padiapAuthor Commented:
et01267 - thanks for your reply.  

Just a quick note - the 3rd link is dead - if you could double check this that would be great.
I think that this forum somehow transformed my link into some sort of HTML entity.  If you copy and paste the text it works.  You can also try clicking on this link which goes to the same place (if it works).  

I've also attached the link in a code block

Open in new window

Wow, this forum software has quite a tricky bug.  you'll need to copy the URL out of my code block and paste it into the URL window of your browser.  Or, you can follow this shortened URL:

padiapAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link, ended up copying and pasting into a browser window.  This thread has been useful for further troubleshooting info, however, I am yet to find a fix and be able to print to both Xerox printers.

I can successfiully print to an HP n/w printer, however one of the Xerox machines is the only Color printer in the office and the Mac user must be able to print to this.

The main problem appears to be authentication due to both Xerox printers being setup with Auditron Admin and the beach ball effect which could be caused by the authentication issue.  

What's happening is once the printer is setup either through CUPS or through system preferences, I attempt to print a test page and you don't see anything in the print history appear inside the printer window, but if I go to the Xerox web interface, I can see the job history and this is what comes up:

Job History:                      owner:                      status:                       username                 Aborted (016-757)

Now, the username it picks up by default every time a printer is deleted and re-created is the person who originally setup the Macbook pro and being a novice user I just don't know how to remove this default account setting, etc.  Since this person has left we have a new employee using their account which I discovered how to 'bound' to AD successfully and given this person Admin rights.
Even after playing around further and changing the auditron account settings, I get the same above history info, just different username.

When I try to print an MS word doc or entourage email, just 1 word, I can click File Menu > Print and up comes the print options, but then as soon as I click the Copies & Pages Option to change the Auditron Account settings accordingly, the beach ball of death appears for approx. 5 minutes.  I am then able to change the auditron account code, then as soon as I click PRINT, the print properties box freezes, the small preview box freezes and the beach ball comes back for a very long time (over 10 minutes or more).  
Exactly the same thing happens in Adobe Acrobat or any CS4 App installed.

Any other suggestions other than blowing the whole laptop away and starting from scratch???
et01267Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple a questions and suggestions:

1. What happens when you try to print from an Apple app, like Text Edit?  It could be that the extra crap that Adobe and Microsoft introduce into the printing dialog is causing a problem.

2.  Disable the auditron stuff on the printer and see if printing works properly.

3.  You can try to reset your printing setup on the Mac.  In the Print & Fax section of the System Preferences, ctrl-click (or right click) in the printer list on the left side, and you will get a menu that includes "Reset Printing".  Then you can set up the printer again and maybe it will work.

4.  Try creating a new admin user (accounts pane in System Preferences, check the box to let this user administer) and login as that user and try to print.   If it's still broken, try resetting printing and setup and try again.

This sounds like there may be something bollocks-up with your AD config regarding this machine / user.

As a last resort, I would try doing an upgrade to 10.6; the printing (and Windows networking) support is much improved, and you may find that it is a more cost-effective approach than beating your head against this wall.
padiapAuthor Commented:
On Friday I ended up:

-Unbinding the MAC from AD
-Removing all drivers and printers from the MAC and restarting
-Creating a new printer and using the original MAC's Administrator credentials when prompted and was able to print successfully (even though I'm not logged in as that person on the MAC).  When I enter anyone elses' details (even though they have local admin rights to the machine) it will not print.

I'm not sure exactly what it was but as I suspected earlier in the peace, it's a problem with the credentials somewhere along the lines.  Unfortunately the previous administrator to this machine who originally set it up has left the company and the person who has taken over doesn't know enough about MAC's so there's a lot of confusion on the machine with regards to rights, accounts etc.  Eventually I want to wipe it clean and start again.
padiapAuthor Commented:
Comments were helpful however I ended up figuring out the solution myself
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