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Linux iSCSI Target LUNs


I've got a quick question:

Is there a way to provision LUNs on a Linux iSCSI target server as files on a volume rather than as a partition of a device? NetApp does it this way and I'm just wondering if it's possible to do this on Linux.

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Dear Pugglewuggle,

can you provide more details of the scenario you wish to have?

Kind regards,
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Well, I just have a Linux server with a multi terabyte RAID array. Instead of partitioning the array and then sharing the partitions as LUNs, is there a way to just have one [big] partition and just have LUNs exist as files on that partition (so they can be expanded/resized without having to repartition the array)? This is how NetApp does it... files that are shared as LUNs are put directly on the partition/volume as a file that is x size equaling the reserved space for the LUN.
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I suppose I want to use this for "production." Any tips? And what kind of hardware can I run this on?