Windows7 home to Windows 7 Pro

I have a user who doesn't want to spend the $$$ to purchase equipment preloaded with Windows 7 Pro.  So, she wants laptops with Windows 7 Home with the intention of upgrading to Pro.

Is there a "simple" upgrade path without performing a complete reload and wasting 15 hours (5 laptops)?

Many Thanks
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NeuromConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately not.

Volume License versions of Windows 7 do not support Anytime Upgrade. Also Windows 7 Professional volume license is an upgrade which requires that you have a qualifying OS such as Windows 7 Professional full package (retail) or Windows 7 Professional OEM, Windows Vista Business Full Package (retail or OEM), VL, Windows XP Professional (retail or OEM or VL).

Hope this helps,
I'm assuming your meaning Home Premium in which case you can perform an "Anytime Upgrade"
Usually you need only the serial code (Microsoft Anytime Upgrade Serial), 10 minutes and is done to upgrade.

Hope this helps,
OnsiteSupportAuthor Commented:
Neurom....I have a VLK for Windows 7 Pro.  Same path?
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