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Best iphone and android development environment for Windows

I have a website created in php using google maps features. I want to create an iphone and android application on Windows where i'm able to implement these features. Which IDE should I use and why should I use it?
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the eclipse development environment can be used for android and iphone development. Its a cross platform, multi language IDE so it has the benefit of being the one thing you need to learn for multiple uses.

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I want to develop the application myself. Which one of these applications can you recommend?

Or another one?
I've heard good things about  - dragonfireSDK looks to be iphone specific , rather than crossplatform, same with mobieone ?

phonegap is another alternative

I do think is the best.
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Eclipse or Netbeans....both work great
I didn't know there was an iphone plug-in for Eclipse. I've seen a couple of web pages where they show you how but they all say:"Using Eclipse to program applications for the iPhone is not without issues."

I love Eclipse and hate XCode. And if your guys have a plugin or something to create iPhone app in Eclipse, I'd love to have a link.
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Found a solution myself.