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how to raise a defect?

This is my first project as a software tester. I am assigned to execute some test cases. I have a defect and i have to raise it. My question is: what is the procedure we follow to raise a defect.? we are doing manual testing. I am not using Quality center or any other test management tool. I am using excel only.
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Suveer PatilQA AnalystCommented:

So i hope you are not using any tool for defect management.
In Excel just enter the data mentioned below.

Issue ID - Maintain a unique id for a project
Summary - What is the bug/issue describe briefly
Description - Explain clearly when you get this issue with steps to navigate to get the issue.
(Description should have Steps,Test Data, Expected Result, Actual Result)
Screenshot - If you have any (Attach in the mail)
Priority - Mention the priority based on what you are following in your company like High,Medium,Low
Type of issue - Like Functional, GUI, DB, etc
Build/Version - Need to mention the build/version id of the release

Then send a mail to concerned people by attaching the excel sheet

Let me know if you need any other info...

But my suggestion would be to use a tool - Many open source tools are available like Bugzilla
sidd101Author Commented:
Thanks suveer. I just asked my lead and he said we are using quality center. I have access to quality center, but this is the first time i am using it. Can you please shed some light on how to add defect in quality center?
Suveer PatilQA AnalystCommented:

Raise a Defect from Test Lab --> Defects Tab

Check the attached document which will help you.
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I am also working as a manual tester and i am opening defects using excel and posting them to a repository or sharepoint and giving rights to the people who suppose to view and send a email regarding the defect.

Here are the details for opening a defect in excel.
Issue ID ,Subject,Description
Screenshot,Priority,Type of issue
Build/Version,Profile-such as QA,Production,Pre-Production,UAT(Environments)

Raise a Defect from  Defects Tab and also you can go from test lab also in quality center.
Bryan ButlerCommented:
Hope so you are adopted the manual defect reporting process. If it then you can report the defects using MS excel sheet  OR open office spreadsheet application.

I think, this format will works you. Please find the attached .xls sheet as well.
Bug ID:  Unique ID of your bug
Test Case ID      : The failed test case id ( if it is)
Area Path      : The location to reach to the bug.
Severity      : How severe to the application
Priority      : How early it should be fix
Status      : current status - new, assigned, reopen, differed etc ( if u know more then let me know )
Bug -Summary - What is the bug/issue describe briefly
Bug - Description - Explain clearly when you get this issue with steps to navigate to get the issue.
Steps to Reproduce      : If special way u have followed then write here
Expected Result      :
Comment : if any one want to comment.
Below will helps you to enter defect using Quality center.


For adding a new defect to the Quality Center the following steps are followed:

1. Log in to the Quality Center Demo Project
2. Go to the Defects module
3. Click on the New Defect Button. A dialog box opens.
4. Type the summary and description.
5. Choose the Severity and Category.
6. Click the Submit button.
7. Click Close.

[From: ayushveda.com/blogs/education/using-hp-quality-center-to-track-defects/]

Hi Sid101,

As you mentioned in questions that " I am not using Quality center or any other test management tool. I am using excel only." and the solutions those were accepted by you  is not seem to be correct and you shared the points to those solutions.

Please reply.
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