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Mobile Phone "Handshake" information


I'm looking for information on the mobile phone handshake. I.e, when a phone is near a radio or other speaker / amplifier setup, you occasionally hear a series of pulses as the devices "checks in" with local masts.

Does anyone have any more detailed information on this? What data is being transmitted, how often is it?, details of the protocol, or anything where I can find out more information about it would be great.

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The question is very general, and there is no concise answer to it.
There are various mobile phone communication technologies out there.
GSM, UMTS, LTE,CDMA and so on...

For the GSM and UMTS etc you can find specifications here --> 
Sorry, couldn't be of much help. If you have specific questions, please follow up.
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Thanks for the response. The sound seems to be the same  and quite universal. A dash then two beeps repeated fast. Regardless of the protocol I'm wanting information about this handshake its doing with the masts.

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As for the protocols used, those are vendor specific, however the mostly the CellID is passed, the device IMEI and the sim card IMSI in a GSM standard... as much as the device timestamp
That's exactly the information I wanted. Thank you.