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Using replace in crystal reports

Hello, I am trying to use repalce in crystal reports to replace two tex values with two others.

I have a formular working thus far -

Replace({CFG8ORDER.STATUS}, "QUOTE","Entered",1,-1,0)

That works fine, what I need to do is add exactly the same but as this -

Replace({CFG8ORDER.STATUS}, "LINKED","Spun",1,-1,0)

If I use the and commnad add the above text the formular errors.

I am not sure how to get the formular in to one row?

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Meir Rivkin
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i don't think u can perform multiple replace string text in a single line, you got have it deparated lines.
Replace(Replace({CFG8ORDER.STATUS}, "LINKED","Spun",1,-1,0) "QUOTE","Entered",1,-1,0)
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That didn't work, it errors saying ) is missing and highlights the QUOTE text?

The problem with having two formula for each occasion is having to have two formula on the details section, they will both show on the report a seperate entities. I need a combined output result. :(
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Superb! Thanks for that, worked a treat!