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How to keep Crystal Report Footer Section together?

I have a report with a few report footers. Each footer has two text boxes then a formula underneath which is a loop that prints out an array.
Even though I have 'keep together' checked in the section expert, it still does not keep it together. The formula array will print together, but the text boxes will often be left behind on the previous page. What am I doing wrong?
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hello - are the problem text boxes in different report footer sections? i think "keep together" will only work within the section, not the entire report footer...

can you re-design some other way, or perhaps use a sub report ti display your report footer information? I think doing "keep together" on a sub report sitting in a report footer would do what you are trying to do.

Yea that's annoying it happens on my Crx reports too. I haven't found a solution to that either so im interested.
The best I do is lift the footer section up as far as possible, try to shrink and place the text boxes and formulars, it so it doesn't over flow.
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It is already a sub-report.
All of the items I explained are in one single section.
ah okay, so is the "keep together" on the report section AND on the sub report options? If possible, attach the report with data saved and I can fiddle with it a little.
Yes, both are set that way.
I have to strip out a bunch of stuff before I can post it, so give me a few hours then I can. From the picture here, this is all that it is...
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Did you also set the full report gooter to keep together or just the individual parts?

just the individual that the issue?
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Mike McCracken

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