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crystal reports viewer refresh

I have a Crystal Report written in Crystal 2008 that uses SQL commands to connect to an access dbase via ODBC. The viewer will open the report and display the saved data in it, but it will not update to show changes to the Access dbase. In other words, if I add a line to the dbase, the report does not update to show the added information. Can someone tell me what I may be doing wrong?
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It sounds like you are using Crystal Reports Viewer, the free viewer the SAP provides, which it sounds like this is what you are using.

If so, are you re-exporting the RPT file before opening it in Crystal Reports Viewer? Files viewed in the viewer are a "data saved with report" view, and won't update automatically if the data changes. The report would need to be re-run in Crystal Reports, exported as RPT and then viewed in the Viewer.
Woah, sorry for the bad grammar in previous post. I've just now had my morning coffee. ;-)

Hi you may need to go

<Database tab>
<Verify Database>

If that doesnt work, go to

<database> tab again
and log off, and log back on to the server.

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So, the report viewer will only display saved data? What the heck good is that?!!!
Ok, breathing again...
If that is the case, why does it have a refresh button at the top of the screen?
Hi JP - the viewer allows your users to "drill down" and navigate reports similar to how you can as the designer, where they would not be able to do this in Excel or PDF, etc.

I'm not sure on the refresh button - I never was able to get it to work. I figured it was for developers hooking into the viewer that had the ability to refresh on the fly. Hopefully someone else knows that answer.
make sure

If you go to
< save data with report> checked?

Have you tried to verify Database yet? then refresh your report?

These aren't options that I can find on the Viewer...
To the best of my knowledge, these are only available in Crystal Reports itself. Am I missing something?
Ahh No, I think Lin must be onto something, I have never used the Free Version OF crystals, or seen it,
Sorry I didn't realise.

Thats how you would do it if you had Crystal Reports.. Sorry mate, i don't think i can help on this one ;)
Think of the Crystal Reports Viewer 2008 as being similar to the free Adobe Reader. It's purpose is to allow a user to view a Crystal Report without requiring a fully licensed copy of the Crystal Reports 2008 designer, just like Adobe Reader allows a user to view a .pdf document without requiring a fully licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat.  A perfect use of this tool would be for external users or customers to which you've distributed reports.  As an example, I can download a .pdf of my monthly natural gas bill.  Imagine if it was a .rpt file, though, and I could actually drill down into my usage charts, filter or resort the results dynamically, etc..?  That would be much more functional.  If you have an enterprise system and burst reports out to external clients, they could greatly benefit from the viewer.

As to why there's a refresh button - users are allowed to refresh data if they're connected to a repository (BusinessObjects Enterprise, BusinessObjects Edge or Crystal Reports Server) and have the appropriate permissions and database credentials.  This is a redundant feature, however, since the same user could simply login through the portal (Infoview) and do the exact same thing through a web browser without requiring a desktop client.

Here's an example of a Crystal Reports 2008 report designed to be consumed in a viewer by an end user.

Thank you... this begs the question, is there a report viewer out there that will allow the report to refresh and show the changes from the database?
Definitely - check out this link on Ken Hamady's page:

FYI - I don't know if any of them are compatible with some of the newer Crystal Reports 2008 features.

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Yes, several of them have a Crystal 2008 version.
Great, thanks Ido!

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