How can I view my calendar on my Droid using Exchange Server 2000

I purchased a new Droid phone.

I want the calendar in my Droid phone to be the same as my Outlook Calendar.

Can you help me?

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DanMerkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the standard calendar won't work, I have found that Touchdown (an app via the andriod market) seems to work in most cases.
if you dont want to front the $20 bucks for the touchdown app you can "root" your droid which will add functionality such as wifi/usb tethering, customizing of droid and exchange email/calendar/contact syncing.

WeThePeopleAuthor Commented:
I see that I need Exchange 2003 and above for touchdown and motorola.

I will be getting a new Exchange Server 2010 in about one month.

Thank you,

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