Interaction between Applet, Cookie e doesn't works in Firefox


I have an Applet that gets the username through a cookie set by page (the page that contains the applet).

Java Code to get the cookie

    private void getUserNameFromCookie() {
        try {
            // get the cookies that are applicable for this applet's parent web page
            URL docBaseUrl = this.getDocumentBase();

            CookieHandler cookieHandler = CookieHandler.getDefault();
            java.util.Map<String, List<String>> headers =
                    new HashMap<String, List<String>>());

            if (headers.isEmpty()) {
                System.out.println("No cookies found!");
            } else {
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.println("Unable to get cookie using CookieHandler");

    private void getUserNameFromHeader(java.util.Map<String, List<String>> headers) {

        for (String key : headers.keySet()) {
            for (String value : headers.get(key)) {
                if (key.equals("Cookie") && value.startsWith("userName")) {
                    userName = value.split("=")[1];

Open in new window C# code to create the cookie (on Page_Load)

            HttpCookie appCookie = new HttpCookie("userName");
            appCookie.Value = Session["user"].ToString();

            appCookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);
            appCookie.HttpOnly = false;

Open in new window

In IE everything works nice, but in Firefox the operations that requires the username from cookie are not launched.

Any idea on how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance!
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calypsoworldConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem has been solved.

Thank you junges for your attention!

The problem is actually the what I said in previous post: Firefox contains an 'extra' cookie.
So, the method in Java to get the userName value, both to Firefox (2 cookies) or IE (1 cookie) is the same from the question, but with a simple adjustment.

    private void getUserNameFromHeader(java.util.Map<String, List<String>> headers) {

        for (String key : headers.keySet()) {
            for (String value : headers.get(key)) {
                if (key.equals("Cookie") ) {
                            userName = value.substring(value.indexOf("userName")+9);
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calypsoworldAuthor Commented:
Thank you for reply.

Yes, cookies are enabled.
It's weird this works in IE and don't in Firefox....

Java console shows this information after applet's loading (and a lot of other things)

network: Connecting http://localhost:55000/page.aspx with cookie "__utma_a2a=6852338610.1305743161.1274186235.1274560427.1274878003.51;"

Apparently there are two cookies in this page (I don't know where the first cookie come from).
Considering that are two cookies in page, am I getting it in the right way in Java?

Thank you.
calypsoworldAuthor Commented:
I think that is the problem:

Information from Java console...

network: Connecting http://localhost:55000/page.aspx with cookie ""

In Firefox
network: Connecting http://localhost:55000/page.aspx with cookie "__utma_a2a=6852338610.1305743161.1274186235.1274560427.1274878003.51;"

Maybe I'm getting the wrong index in Java...
How should script the Java code to get the value in userName field, both in IE and Firefox?
Thanks in advance!
Daniel JungesCommented:
very good.

regards junges
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