adding a trailing slash in url - url rewrite

Hello, we're trying to add a trailing slash in a url of a website coded in IIS 7

right now the webpage is:


we want to change it to:


the only thing we can do know w/ IIS rewrite is change it to:


do you have any suggestions?  Thanks for any help...
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Luigi2009Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to create URL rewrite rule for IIS7 web site. It will automatically rewrite input url in format /leads/ to leads.html
First of all download and install rewrite module for IIS7 using web platform installer.
Then create new rewrite rules.

You can use rewriteMaps more information you can find here:
create a folder named leads  under the root directory
move leads.html to be in the folder leads
rename leads.html    into index.html
point your browser to  .com/leads/

you are done
I use URLReWriter, it is easy and free

a rule as yours would be:
<rewrite url="~/Public/Thankyou" to="~/Public/Thankyou.aspx" processing="stop"/>

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echoEMC2Author Commented:
Hey guys, sorry I forgot to mention we are using mvc 2

Any suggestions since it's mvc 2?  Thanks.
below is a link talking about using routing instead of url rewriting
echoEMC2Author Commented:
The solution was to use the url rewrite module for iis 7 as this url says:

Then, you need to create a new helper instead of using the default Url.Route(), like a Url.RouteTrailingSlash() that adds a "/" at the end of the urls.
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