Missing File Crash on Crystal Reports C# Application?

Hello again everyone.  I built an application for a client in C++ which writes to an access database and opens a separate executable written in C# when the user prints (the easiest way I found to add in crystal reports support).  Since the database and C# executable are written to, they are located in a publicly accessible folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents\) on Windows 7, and All Users on Windows XP.

The problem is that whenever the user attempts to run the C# program, it crashes.  A generic error message pops up saying that the program as stopped working.  One of the clients machines indicated that there was a "FileNotFound" exception, so I used Dependency walker to see what might be missing.  The typical suspects of "IEFRAME.dll" and "SHLWAPI.dll" come up, but that's all it tells me.  I then confirmed on the internet that these were harmless suspects.  Dependency Checker says it isn't missing anything.  I tried using WinDB after getting a Kernal dump from one of the clients, but it said the error was in Sys32 (which likely means the system was asked to do something it couldn't).  Trying to run the C# program directory (as opposed to through the main program) results in the same error.  The C++ program works perfectly, and the necessary support files (.NET Framework 3.5, VS Redistributable 2008) work on a variety of client PCs without problem.  The C# executable used to work just fine until I edited it to add a few new columns but as far as I know this shouldn't have changed requirements.

Any suggestions on what I can do from here to narrow down the problem?  If you would like more information, whether it be details of the dump, or anything along those lines, please ask.  I'd be happy to provide it.  Thanks in advance for your help.
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HeavyBladeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
For the record, the files were:
and two Crystal specific drivers:

Required locally in the C# application directory.

Thanks everyone for your help.
How did you install the C#/Crystal application

Is run on the server?

Is it run as the logged in user or is it run as a system account?

HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
Hello mimcc, I'm a great fan of your work.  

The program is installed as part of a MSI built in Visual Studio along with the C++ distributable.  It gave me a list of three dependency drivers, which are installed along with the program into the same directory as the C# executable.

Both programs are run locally for the logged in user.  The main application (C++) is stored in Program Files.  In order to ensure that the user will have permission to read/write the database for the C# application, the database (and said app) are stored in C:\Users\Public\Documents\.
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Can you run the C# application by itself?

HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
No, I can't run the new version of the C# application by itself on the client machine, though I could with the old version.  I can run the C# application by itself on my system though.
HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I'm not sure my last post was very clear.

It is possible to run the C# application by itself.  Normally, data is passed into it through the C++ application to generate a report, however, you can open a blank report by directly opening the C# app.

My client receives the generic error message whenever he tries to open the new version of the C# application, either through the other application, or directly.  The client is still able to open the old version of the C# application both through the other application and directly.

HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
I've attached the error message, in case it is of any help resolving this problem.
Here is the rest of the error information from "More Problem Details":

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: me_employee_report.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4c7ff703
Problem Signature 04: ME_Employee_Report
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4c7ff703
Problem Signature 07: 3
Problem Signature 08: 6
Problem Signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

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HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
My apologies, the file didn't attach properly.  It should display this time.

Does EVERYONE have execute and read permissions on the exe file?
How about on the report files?

HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
Sorry Mimcc, I didn't get notification of your response for some reason.  Everyone has access to both the exe file and the report files.

The problem turned out to be that Crystal Reports was looking for a driver file locally and couldn't find it.  Unfortunately, this driver was not detected by Visual Studio 2008 when creating the installation MSI.  After a lot of trial and error, I was able to track down the missing drivers and get the program working.
I am curious why you needed the MS reportviewer fields for a Crystal report.  They aren't related to Crystal at all.

HeavyBladeAuthor Commented:
Well, I do use the Report Viewer tool in the C# application in order to view the report.  Other then that, the only real code change it uses specifies that the program print in landscape.  If that doesn't explain the need for MS reportviewer fields, then I'm uncertain as well.  Is there anyway I could check?
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