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C#: Object Oriented issue

Hello everyone!

I have this basic class:
Public class Person{
  private int age;
  private string name;

  public Person(){
    this.age = 0;
    this.name = "";
  public int Age { get{ return this.age; } set { this.age = value; } }
  public string Name { get{ return this.name; } set { this.name= value; } }


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I need to get a list of persons. So I want to make something that result in a code like this:
Person p = new Person();
firstPersonName = p.listPersons[0].name;
firstPersonAge = p.listPersons[0].age;

secondPersonName = p.listPersons[1].name;
secondPersonAge = p.listPersons[1].age;

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could someone guide me into how to achieve this?

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