the system cannot log you on now because the domain (computername) is not available.

I'm running windows xp pro on a workgroup and not attached to a domain.  I started experiencing an issue today where when i try to login to the machine, i get the error: the system cannot log you on now because the domain (computer name) is not available.

Again this computer isn't nor has it ever been part of a domain.

I tried logging in as administrator with no luck.  I tried booting to safe mode and no luck since it's asking me to authenticate.  

i tried doing a last know good configuration.

I haven't done a system restore since I can't boot to windows and don't have a windows cd with me.

any suggestions on how to resolve this issue without doing a rebuild?

thanks in advance.
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coronoahcoroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An article from Microsoft about this issue:

If you don't have Recovery Console installed, then go here to download it:

r u using wireless or direct cable login?
do you select the wrong domain? sometime the XP will default to another domain and not your local computer in the login screen
When you are at the login screen, is there a that says "log on to"? It would be the 3rd one below user and password fields. You might ave to click the "options" button to see it. If you do have that field, then you are mistaken, and the computer is a part of a domain.
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Try connecting the PC to a switch to enable the network card. I have seen this happen before, and this did the trick.
goyal_251Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it seems cryptography files are missing or corrupted in your machine:
see below url :

tbeasley123Author Commented:
I've tried doing the steps in kb 244671 with no luck

i also tried to plug direct into switch with no luck

machine is not on a domain so the log on to option doesn't exist

i tried the steps in kb 555939 with no luck

i also tried booting to a windows password recovery cd and blanking out the passwords and it still throws the error message.

any other suggestions?  i'd like to go back to a windows system restore point but can't find any way to do that without being able to boot windows.  Is this possible?  last resort would be a system repair but it's my understanding that a system repair would wipe out the system restore points created by windows so i wouldn't be able to do a repair and then a restore??

If Log On To doesn't exisit, but it tells you that Domain is unavailable, then the OS got corrupted and you'll need to reinstall it. You can try doing System Restore but there is a very low chance that it'll fix it because it's absolutely useless in XP. But if you'd like t try it, you'll want to make a MS DaRT  CD ( and boot your system from it. That will have an option to urn a system restore.
tbeasley123: kb244671 is an article for Windows 2000 and you mentioned that you have windows xp pro. did you try the link that I gave you?
as a last resort you can do windows XP repair install option.will keep keep your all data,install software and setting as it is ..however to be on the safer side it will recommended to take the data backup in other HDD by making it secondery slave or by other way..
tbeasley123Author Commented:
coronoahcoro - i tried what you suggested and no luck.

i think we're going to just rebuild the machine.  
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