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Delphi / Indy. Problem with sending email with attachments

Good Day

I am having trouble with sending out emails with a pdf attachments. I am using wpdf to generate the pdf documents.

I create entries into a table and then I read one by one from the table and send the emails out with the attachments. Sometimes I can send 20 emails with the pdf attachment and I works 100%, but other times I get the emails with the following error : "Disposition: attachment".

I have included the body of the email.

Please advice what the problem is and how can I solve this. EMail-body.txt
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I have tried your example but I still get sometimes the same error message.

Please help
I would check the smtp server for errors or maybe your client is decoding the message incorrectly.
Your 'email-body.txt' file reminds me of client side problems I have had.