how to create hierarchical address list in exchange 2007


I would like to imitate the hierarchical OU structure of AD into my Exchange 2007 Address list, mean they should be created in hierarchy , how can i achieve this?

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What you could actually do, is create custom address lists that are displayed as sub-containers within the GAL. Each of these custom address lists could be configured to display only recipients from particular OU's. You could create them in the same structure as your OU structure if you wanted. By default when you open the Address list in Outlook, the entire GAL is displayed, but the sender can click the drop down and see the hierarchical list of custom address lists.

In Exchange Management Console, go to Organization Configuration, Mailbox, Address Lists.

Create a new list in the root, and then create sub-lists etc.

Try it. It might be enough to meet your needs.
Unfortunately it is not possible - As Exchange 2007 has its own heirarchy ( Mailboxes, contacts, Distribution groups etc )

It is not possible; however if you can share the objective behind this requirement we can give better assistance.
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callazraAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply, Objective is,
in AD I have the following hierarchy
Container-Subcontainer-subcontainer-my contact
I want to see this hierarchy in address book too, when I am sending the email and searching the contact from address book.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way in EMC.
callazraAuthor Commented:
the comment is useful,
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