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Problem with recycle bin on remote desktop

One of our customers gets the following error during logon to our windows 2008 R2 terminal server.
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A translation to english would be nice, so the rest of us can help you :)
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Here is the translation: The recycle bin on \ \ \ nlrdmfls01 \ tsg $ \ Solvid is damaged. Do you want to trash this drive empty?
Sounds like you have a corrupt recycle bin, follow this ling to resolve ;  I know it says Vista, but same applies ;
Check the access rights to recycle bin folder on the target machine. It seems that the users doesn't have them.
What about disk quotas?
Can you access that UNC as that user?
Nothing of the above things is working. It looks like the problem is occured on the following manner:

The user is working on a terminal server with redirect folder to tsm$\company1

After we changed that path tot tsm$\company2 and his start menu did change this problem occured. Looks like some old history thats inside the profile. Maybe some registry key or something?
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