Currently writing a book on Health with a couple of PhD's.  Sales worldwide with primary focus on USA, UK and Australia. Wish to get the site up well before publishing so it starts to get some ranking with Google and awareness for around 6 to 12 months prior to book release.  We will also being doing lectures on the book and will have further information and links on the website.  At first we will use the website for promotion and not selling.  In a couple of months after launch we may look at eCommerce sales on the site.

Interested in best approach.  Below are my current thoughts and seek best of breed approach.

Currently I was looking at WordPress, Joomla or Volusion (eCommerce) as options.

Currently looking at HostGator or Volusion

Looking at effect SEO/SEM for the website.  Have worked with many SEO's before.  Seeking high quality single consultant.


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joomla i think is the best approach, i find it easier than word press, themes i create in artisteer, i am based in south africa and am a host so i cant really comment on hostgator, havent had any relations but with regards to seo do your own research, there are many tutorials out there to help you along rather than getting someone else to do it....... for ecommerce just use the virtuemart plugin for joomla

I made a website for a similar academic book. I used Joomla and I converted the book to e-book format for use in readers like the Sony e-book reader and Amazon's Kindle. You can place your book on many e-book websites which will sell it for you less a commission. Remeber if you do your own website you will have to pay a commission to PayPal, Credit Card company etc. Have a look at the website below and get back if you want to discuss it further.
WayneVDGAuthor Commented:
The Book is for the main stream public.  Very commercially focused.  I have a background in main stream strategy, marketing and advertising.
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I recommand
good quality of code, the code is secure
good for SEO
Easy to setup the template
And very easy to use, userfriendly and very flexible
There is very good tutorials on

Good community, a lot of free components
A lot of security update, plan to take a lot of time to do the maintenance
Template system a little bit complicated
Not very userfriendly
Not very flexible, you will need to adapt the code often
Not very good for SEO

less component available
Template system is easier than Joomla
Not very userfriendly
There is a lot of tutorial to adapt the code
Some security update too.
Better than Joomla for SEO

For all my project even for basic HTML site template, I use Artisteer it is a good investissment and you will save a lot of time.

Good luck

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WayneVDGAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the informative overview.

1. Does Expressionengine host on their server or you select your own.
2. Are Artister templates able to be used on Expressionengine.
3. Notice their eCoomerce does PayPal does it also do other credit cards or only through PayPal.

Any tips on SEO consultant work.


1: both, your hosting provider or they offer this
2: yes
3: Simple Commerce module use only Paypal

EE User guide:

Useful site:

EE Showcase: 
Nenad RajsicCommented:
Start with Wordpress because it's easy and there are tons of readymade templates that you can customize to suit your needs.

I had problems with Hostgator so I would not recommend them

SEO/SEM I think EE doesn't allow advertising so I will not be recommending anyone

All i can say is make sure that your SEO person knows something about your subject and don't forget to use LinkedIn’s medical/health related groups to promote your book. Linked in promotion worked well for a friend of mine who was promoting his latest Oracle book.

Launch a simple website before you start marketing, create a contact form and offer to notify your visitors when the book is ready, setup Facebook pages and groups or join existing "medical" groups and join the conversation.

Try to avoid pdf publishing if you can because it will end up on the net for free.

Selling on your site might not be feasible because you are not a publisher so the setup and on-going charges might not be worth the effort. Find a good publishing company that can put your book into major online/offline stores – yes they will take a big cut but think about the number of potential sales, your names will be promoted and any future publications will be easier to launch/promote.
WayneVDGAuthor Commented:
I think you would be safe to list your recommendations for SEO's with EE.  Especially when asked as a question.

Otherwise saying WordPress would be classed as brand promotion.

Hosting for WordPress who would you recommend.

Great information thanks.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
I am with ThePlanet at the moment (dedicated server).
Also it is very important where you host your website. If you host it in the UK a big percentage of your visitors will come from there, same thing with US, Australia etc. If you are looking to host it in the UK then try (had some sites there for 7 years without any problems - very good support too)
US hosting: try MediaTemple or BlueHost
WayneVDGAuthor Commented:
I would be hosting in the USA as the primary market.  Is there a way of doing linked hosting eg: have the same site hosted in USA, UK and Australia off the same URL.  So the ranking are high in each country under Google but centralised under one URL.
Nenad RajsicCommented:
it is possible but is it worth it? the cost of a setup like that will be quite high and you will need to do IP lookups every time someone visits your page - Just forget about that – the cost is high but SEO benefits are not that great. Setups like that are used for load balancing etc

US market is larger so I would host it there. If you are coming to the UK or promoting your book here then just purchase a version of your domain and either point it to your main site or just duplicate your existing site and customize it for the UK market
Or you can also have subdomains on your main domain (ex: or and then redirect users based on their user agent string or their IP.

Again depends on what you want to achieve. If book promotion is going to be done by the publishing company then don’t worry about any of this – just create a simple site about your book, book writers, offer a few chapters for free and maybe install a simple discussion forum if you want to help your readers with their queries etc
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