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DPM 2007 hyper-V backup problem

I'm using DPM2007 for backing up a hyper-V guest server. Since few days the backup cannot run with the following error:
DPM encountered a retryable VSS error. (ID 30112 Details: Unknown error (0x800423f3) (0x800423F3))

I have found on the microsoft site a fix for this problem but it seems my hyper-v host is on a newer patch level since I cannot install the fix. It says the update does not apply to your system

Is there any other workaround I could try?

thanks in advance...

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What version of hyper V are you running? sp1,sp2 or R2?
And is the VSS writer listed when you run?

cmd prompt:: vssadmin list writers

Did you try to restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service on the VM?
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I'm using the Hyper-V on a Server 2008 SP2 the exact Hyper-v version is the following: 6.0.6002.18005

The VSS writer is listed but it is in failed state

Writer name: 'Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer'
   Writer Id: {66841cd4-6ded-4f4b-8f17-fd23f8ddc3de}
   Writer Instance Id: {6a351919-481c-49e9-ad5d-8f069c8d5711}
   State: [8] Failed
   Last error: Retryable error

I will try to restart the VMM service at a later scheduled time because this is a production server.
sorry its the Hyper-V volume shadow copy requestor service you need to restart on the VM, this wont affect the server availability.
O.K. I have restarted the Volume Shadow Copy service, but unfortunately the result is the same the state of the VSS writer is still Failed.
Any related events in the system & App log on the VM?

And what OS is running on the guest VM?
Hey again,

Here's some more interesting stuff on this issue:

Check the resolution steps, especially step 2(below):

    1.  Hyper-V Integration components is installed and is running the latest version

    NOTE: (On the Host/Parent partition you can check VMMS.exe = 6.0.6001.22352 (or newer) and in the guest, check vmbus.sys version 6.0.6001.22334 (or newer)

    2. No Dynamic disks inside the guest.

    3. All volumes are NTFS

    4. All NTFS volumes must be >1GB and have >300MB free space.

    5. Shadow copies within the VM are on the same volume or are Disabled

    6. VM is in running state.on host

    NOTE: Offline Backups of Windows 2000 Guest VMs fail. Cause: A synthetic SCSI Controller was configured for the VM with no drives attached. Windows 2000 Guests do not support the SCSI Controller, so it is not needed.
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Thanks, I just installed succesfully the hotfix you linked above (KB971394) on the host machine, but I can restart it only tomorrow. I hope it will help.
After a server restart, the VSS writer state is seems to be O.K. but when I start a retry of the backup on the DPM server it failed and the VSS writer state is becomes failed state again.
Finally I deleted the whole protection group in the DPM server and recreate it from scratch and now the backup runs succesfully.