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I have a group of users that I need to block access to OWA after office hours.

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peterdilorenzoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would have to set "domain logon hours" in AD.  Which would also lock the user out of the network during a specified period of time - which might not be what you are looking for.  
sibisteanuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to Active Directory Users and Computers - go to respective user
Right click – Properties
Go to Exchange Features – Select Outlook Web Access – and click Disable
If you are having both the BE and FE configuration
Let the default configuration on the BE
On FE server.. we can stop/block the OWA the URL will not be visible from internet

- you can create another web-site with the exchange v.directories and run it only for working-hours
- we can also fiddle-around the NTFS permissions on the Exchange-Vdirs..with additional groups
anovaesAuthor Commented:
I created a rule in ISA Server.
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