Is there a maximum number of contacts that will sync to iPhone from Exchange 2007 Mailbox?

Hi Experts,

A quick question for you to see if anyone has come across any limitations on the iPhone.
I want to have a shared mailbox in Exchange 2007 serving only contacts to a number of iPhone users. I know this shouldnt be an issue, however what happens if there are in and around 3000 (and increasing) contacts?

Will the iPhone be able to handle the number of contacts in this case or does anyone have any experience of limitations of the number of contacts to which the iPhone or indeed an Exchange 2007 Mailbox can hold?

Thanks in advance!

Enclave TechnologiesAsked:
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Dave StringfellowConnect With a Mentor IT managerCommented:

Some users there with well over 2000 contacts, so you will be fine :)
Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
I tested the iPhone with 30,000+ contacts because someone else asked on EE if it could be done and it did!
It took a while, but the only limitation is the disk capacity of your iPhone.
If you have the 64Gb version, you can add more than you will ever need ; )
Enclave TechnologiesAuthor Commented:
Thats great - many thanks for your swift responses!
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