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Mapped drive takes forever to come up.

We have a shared drive on an SBS2008 box. All the clients log onto it as "S:" based on a GPO.

Users are complaining:

"it is taking so long to log onto S for everyone. I just logged onto the file from User1's machine and it just looked at me like I was crazy. After 4 attempts it said User2 had Income open, yet when we went to his machine it was not open."

What can cause this?
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Does this drive always take forever to open up or has this just started happening? How do you map the drive, through a login script?
is this issue occurring on all computers or only on certain computer?
how about access to the shared folder from RUN directly? Same issue?
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Make sure you are pointing to the SBS server for DNS only in your TCP\IP settings for the clients and SBS server.

Disable secondary NICs on SBS server.

Disable and\or remove AV software
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SBS GPO maps the drive. It's via group policy mapping.

It occurs on all computes.

There is only one DNS server, and that's the SBS DC. I'll disable secondary NICs on the server, and let's see what happens.
after disabling run ipconfig /registerdns
anything in the event log?
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