Sorting within DBgrid

Hi guys

i have numerous applications using BDE and dbgrids. my question is there an easy way to sort colums by clicking on the title of a particular column. i have found certain info for ado connections but not bde.

thank you in advance
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Geert GConnect With a Mentor Oracle dbaCommented:
actually the easiest way is to buy a component like TMSGrid or QuantumGrid
they have all that functionality built in (in memory sorting of the dataset)

there may be some work defining the grid/views/columns to get everything to work

and there is the possibility that your users like those grids very much
making them ask you to implement them everywhere :)
SteveBayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That depends upon your definition of “easy”. The *way* to sort a dbgrid is to change the order of the underlying dataset either through changing the active index or changing the order-by clause of the SQL statement
TG-SteveAuthor Commented:
when i query the sql database it returns several colums of data. i did think about creating several buttons on the form of which each of them run the same query but with different sort results. ideally i would like to have one button which returns my several columns of data and each person that uses the utility can sort specific data depending on what the individual wants. i.e one persons important data may be within column 3 and instead of reading jumbled information (which may be shop names randomly displayed accross 1000 lines) they can sort it by clicking on the column title and then it providing the user with a reliable set of data to work from.

i would do option 1 but there are 60+ people that use the data in different ways

thank you
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SteveBayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can still do it using clicks on the column headers but to sort the data you will need to re-query the database with the new sort order. You may want to store the sort order, per user, in an ini file or the registry so that user will have the same order the next time they display the grid.
Mahdi78Connect With a Mentor Commented:
use OnTitleClick of TDBGrid lke the following example

procedure TForm1.DBGrid1TitleClick(Column: TColumn);
if Column.FieldName = 'MyField' then
(Column.Grid.DataSource.DataSet as TTable).IndexName := 'MyIndex';
Ephraim WangoyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a solution I had posted for a similar question.
I just copied and pasted here.

The easiest way is to create a title on click event on the grid and then change your indexfields accordingly assuming your dataset is multidirectional or you are using a TClientDataset. Otherwise you can rerun the query with the new sort order obtained from the field you would like to sort on. Here is a simple example with a ADO, Of course there are better ways to keep track of your current sort field and order

TForm1 = class(TForm)
    ADOConnection1: TADOConnection;
    ADOTable1: TADOTable;
    DataSource1: TDataSource;
    DBGrid1: TDBGrid;
    ADOQuery1: TADOQuery;
    procedure DBGrid1TitleClick(Column: TColumn);
    FCurrentSortField: string;

  Form1: TForm1;


{$R *.dfm}

procedure TForm1.DBGrid1TitleClick(Column: TColumn);
  OrderByClause: string;
  //if using multidirectional dataset
  if ADOTable1.IndexFieldNames = Column.FieldName then
    ADOTable1.IndexFieldNames := Column.FieldName + ' DESC'
    ADOTable1.IndexFieldNames := Column.FieldName;

  //results are from a unidirectional dataset, then rerun your query with the new sort
    ADOQuery1.Active := False;
    if FCurrentSortField = Column.FieldName then
      OrderByClause := 'ORDER BY ' + Column.FieldName + ' DESC'
      FCurrentSortField := Column.FieldName + ' DESC';
      OrderByClause := 'ORDER BY ' + Column.FieldName
      FCurrentSortField := Column.FieldName;
    ADOQuery1.SQL.Add(' Your base query ');
    ADOQuery1.Active := True;
TG-SteveAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

the information supplied by everyone is great thank you. i had a good think about my current path and decided to add checkboxes to the form. that way being at the time of query it will feed back given data with the desired sort order etc.

The component mentioned by Geert Gruwez looks very interesting and something i am going to look at going forward and possibly start from the ground up with it when i get the time.

thank you all in advance for the information
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