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How do I change the serial number of windows server 2003 r2 enterprise ?

hey guys.  i'm needing to "un-activate" an install of windows server 2003 r2 enterprise x64.  this may be a volume license so how can i revert it back to the "30 days to activate" type of thing?
can the serial number simply be changed or what?  if so then how can i change the serial number?

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is there any way for me to verify whether or not this is a volume license install?
Not that I know of.

Magic JellyBean Keyfinder can do this as well
if i just do the registry instructions there and do the:
 "Change at least one digit of the OOBETimer value to deactivate Windows"

won't that be enough to just deactivate it without going ahead and typing in a new key?  that's really what i want to do for now, just deactivate it.
You can do whatever you need to do I can't coach you on removing the key to deactivate the system because of MS EULA.
ahh i see.  good enough then.