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Copying ALL wireless network settings from Windows 7 to another Windows 7 computer

I've noticed a few tutorials on how to copy ONE wireless network setting to a USB flash drive but what if you have like 200 wireless networks?  Any easy way to copy ALL of them to a new computer?

Thanks in advance

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Take a look here
I used this and found it very beneficial!

I hope this helps!
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Interesting, you can export all in one quick command which creates an XML file for each network, but I don't see an easy way to import all the 200 XML files into the new computer.  Is this correct?
I had the same thing. I could not find a way to import all on one go. Also it did not import the security keys that the wifi networks used. I had to type them manually.
Hello !

see the code below to import all profiles in one go.

Type both lines at the dos prompt.

If you create a batch file out of this, replace "%a" with "%%a".

Set XMLPath=c:\Path_to_profile_files
for /f %a in ('dir /b "%XMLPath%\*.XML"') do (netsh wlan add profile filename="%XMLPath%\%a")

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