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Get Actual logon user, PC-Name and IP Address within Active Directory Script in Windows 2003


I want to get a script that allow me to get an upadted list when required. This list should contain the :
- Actual User login in this computer
- Last date login
- Computer Name
- the IP address.

Is there any script already existing for this and if yes then how I can use it

Thanks for help
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Justin Owens
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You really need to include a little more info than that... For example, do you want to poll one computer, a list of computers, or all computers in your directory?  Do you want to poll by OS type (workstation verses server)?  How do you want to handle computers that are not on when the polling is done?
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I want to poll all computers in my Directory of course ordered by Computer Name

Computers that are not on when the polling is done should appear in the list with a maximum of information at least computer name

So, you need a script which will query AD for all ObjectType=Computer, make a list, check DNS to resolve IP, then query each computer to get current logged in user and when they logged in and then dump that unto a 4 column CSV file?  What do you want to do it there is no user logged into the computer?
You can use BGInfo Tool from Microsoft to fulfill your requirement
Once the user is logged in into system you can put BGinfo in Login script and you can export details to CSV file.

That is an option, however it would mean that the "script" runs at logon, which may be a network burden for the Author or may not fulfill his needs.  My assumption is that when the Author says, "when required", it isn't a constant need.  Please correct this assumption if wrong.  Also, is there a language preference for the script?


Ok, can I get real-time updates on this file ..... otherwise is there any application other then this that can show me in real-time what is the three information PC-Name, IP, UserName

Yes I am ok for an english script language no problem for me

I would like to get something on the server side only without any logon script adds for end users
Sorry... by language, I meant something more along the lines of VBScript, PowerShell, etc....
Any response
That is beyond my ability.  May I suggest you add this Question to the VBScript Zone?  You can have it in up to three Zones and you are only currently in two.
thats what I did but no response as well
I requested a Moderator add it to the VBScript zone, as it is currently not in there....
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Just a thought here but what I do for a couple of sites is build a log by user and pc of who logs in and when.  Effectively along these lines:

In a shared directory with write access for all you have


In the logon, logoff scripts for the user and computer OU's you add a couple of lines to the logon script which appends a line to the log.  Then you can just read the last line from the log for a user or pc....

echo %date%,%time%,%computername%, %username%,%ipaddress% >>\\server\share$\user\login\%username%.txt
echo %date%,%time%,%computername%, %username%,%ipaddress% >>\\server\share$\user\login\%computername%.txt

To get the IP address you can parse the ipconfig output like this:

so you end up with something like this along with your current scripts:

@echo off
for /f "tokens=2 delims=:" %%a in ('ipconfig ^|find "IP Address"') do call :process %%a & goto :next
echo You are on subnet %subnet% with address %ipaddress%
echo %date%,%time%,%computername%,%username%,%ipaddress% >>\\server\share$\user\login\%username%.txt
echo %date%,%time%,%computername%,%username%,%ipaddress% >>\\server\share$\pc\%computername%.txt
echo %date%,%time%,%computername%,%username%,%ipaddress% >\\server\share$\lastuser\%computername%.txt

exit /b

  for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=." %%a in ("%1") do (set subnet=%%a.%%b.%%c)&(set host=%%d)&(set network=%%c)
  set ipaddress=%subnet%.%host%
exit /b

Whether that sort of thing is an option is down to your environment and choice but is a useful little record of who logs in where and when and the last entry for each is easily parsed.

Then all you need to do to get the list of all computers and their last user is do:

type \\server\share$\lastuser\*.txt > allcomputers.csv
start excel allcomputers.csv

thank you for this script ... I will try it and let you know about it

Remember that is not a VBScript.  It is a Batch script.
Can you rebuild it for one file and indicate me where I have to insert my parameteres

Thanks again
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Steve Knight
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