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Passing the value of a select field from one cfwindow to another.

I can't figure out how to pass the value of the selectedUserID into the cfwindow 'w2'
<cfparam name="selectedUserID" default="">


<script language="javascript">
    var mycallBack = function(){
        document.getElementById("callback").innerHTML = "<br><br><b>This is printed by the callback handler.</b>";

<!--- The error handler pops an alert with the error code and message. --->
    var myerrorhandler = function(errorCode,errorMessage){
        alert("[In Error Handler]" + "\n\n" + "Error Code: " + errorCode + "\n\n" + "Error Message: " + errorMessage);

<cfwindow name="w1" title="CF Window 1" initShow=true 
    x=10 y=10 width="400" height="200">
    User Administration.<br><br>
    <cfform name="myForm">
    <select name="SelectedUserID" 
    		<option value="">Please Select</option>
            <cfloop query="session.qry_getUsers">
    		<option value="#id#" <cfif selectedUserID eq id>selected</cfif>>#displayName#</option>

<cfwindow name="w2" title="CF Window 2" initShow=true 
    x=450 y=10 width="600" height="600">
    This is a second cfwindow control. This is where I try and dump the variables and I'm not getting selectedUserID

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