Shared Printer will print test page but not from notepad or word.

I have a client with a shared usb printer on a Vista Home PC, they have a Windows 7 home perm laptop and desktop. Both the Windows 7 PCs can add the shared printer and print a test page. However if you try to print from notepad on one of the windows 7 PCs you see it hit the Queue on the Vista PC but it does not print and the job goes away in the print queue. I tried loading the lastest driver on one of the Windows 7 Pcs with the same results.    
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joinaunionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have latest driver for printer?
We msy have to concentrate on corrupt
Try setting the pc as hosted on one of the windows 7 machines.
CdwalterAuthor Commented:
Not sure that is an option but I will check
Have you set the printer as the default printer on both machines?I belive its right click then set as default.
CdwalterAuthor Commented:
Yes it is the default printer, I can see go to the spooler on the host PC for a few seconds then goes away but never prints.
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