Can You Connect a MAC Time Machine to a PC

I have a time machine that was configured on a MAC.  But the MAC is dead and the owner purchased a PC.  He was able to see Time Machine for a little while on his Windows 7 machine, but now he cannot .  The amber light is blinking and does not seem to want to pick up a DHCP address from the router.  I have tried the reset, but that does not work.  Any ideas?  I would like to get into the Time Machine to configure it but I don't know how.  Is there a way without losing the data?
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry. That was an old link. Here is a newer version:
You should be able to configure it using Airport Utility for Windows:
Hi Peggy,

Time Machine is a backup solution for MAC's. So if you are talking about Time Machine it is either a disk attached to an Air Port or a Time Capsule, making a disk available through iDisk. What you want to achieve is probably that you see this disk again and  to make it available to the PC.

If it is an external Disk and you need data urgently from that disk just unplug it from the Air Port and attach it to your PC. If you want it to make available within the network you need the instruction from strung to resetup your Air Port. Then you find more informations on

For more details provide us with your current scenario.
Hi Peggy,

A few hints:

I just successfully reinstalled my Air Port extreme. I was not successfull over the Air (WiFi). So you have to attach a network cable to the Airport after installing the Air Port Utility. Then in order to see the Air Port make sure your Bonjour service on your Windows 7 machine is running, otherwise you will not see the Air Port. This also means that if you have other network machines such as routers and Firewalls between your PC and your Air Port which can prevent you from seeing the Air Port. The installation of the Air Port Utility normally takes care about the local firewall of your windows machine, but to be sure check for the Bonjour Service to be able to be seen (inbound rules) from your windows machine.
PeggyPitchfordAuthor Commented:
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This was exactly what I needed and in less than five minutes I was recovering data.  Thank you again!
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