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Powershell for Mailbox Statics and applying storage quota by Office

1.  Is there a powershell to get the information of each mailbox by office location and export it to a csv with Name, Office, mailbox size in mb?
2.  Set quota: Issue warning, Prohibitsend by Office

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Will Szymkowski
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Prohibit Send = get-mailbox | set-mailbox -prohibitsendquota 500MB

Take a look here for the rest...

Hope this helps~!
get-mailbox -organizationalunit | select name,ProhibitSendQuota,ProhibitSendReceiveQuota,IssueWarningQuota,Office |export-csv c:\users.csv

you'll need to run another for the mailbox size
get-mailbox | get-mailboxstatistics | export-csv c:\size.csv
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I'm trying to run this powershell but it keep erroring out:

Export storage quota of all mailboxes in an office (using $OfficeName variable)

$OfficeName = "<Office_Name>"get-mailbox -filter {Office -eq $OfficeName } | select name,office, *quota | sort name | export-csv export.csv

[PS] C:\>$Officename = "Valencia" get-mailbox -filter {office -eq $OfficeName }
|select name, office, *quota | wort name | export-csv office.csv
Unexpected token 'get-mailbox' in expression or statement.
At line:1 char:37
+ $Officename = "Valencia" get-mailbox  <<<< -filter {office -eq $OfficeName }
|select name, office, *quota | wort name | export-csv office.csv
to filter the results of mailboxes by office the command is
Get-Mailbox -Filter { Office -eq "Valencia" } |  select name,office, *quota | sort name | export-csv export.csv
also you cannot use * with the select statement, it only works with format-list and format-table
nevermind, i was thinking of something else
This powershell works great getting the mailbox information for the office:
Get-Mailbox -Filter { Office -eq "Mission Plaza" } |  select name,office, *quota | sort name | export-csv export.csv

Now I want to implement the Quota size for this office.  I got an error when running this powershell:

Get-Mailbox -Filter { Office -eq "Mission Plaza" } | Set-Mailbox { Office -eq "Mission Plaza" } -UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults:$False -IssueWarningQuota 150 MB -ProhibitSendQuota 200 MB

Set-Mailbox : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Office -eq "Mission Plaza" '.
At line:1 char:65
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