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Htc HD2 wifi router problem

Hello i have just purchased a HTC HD2 and i tried the WIFI ROUTER and use my Lebanese lign MTC TOUCH GPRS but unfortunately i can not either connect to the internet using my IPAD or my computer using WIFI , so how can i fix it !
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Does the SSID show up on your ipad or wifi connection?  
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what you mean by SSID ?
If you named your wireless "Bobs Wireless" does that name show up when you look for available networks on the IPad or notebook.
Yes and it connect correctly but mo internet connection however the GPRS is working fine on the phone!
I would troubleshoot with the PC.. when you make the connection are you getting ip address, subnet, gateway and DNS settings?

You can check by doing an ipconfig /all and looking at the wireless settings part.
no i am doing not ! how can i check this ?
What OS is installed on the notebook?
what really concern me is the IPAD ! anyway my laptop runs  XP
Well it is easier to troubleshoot with the notebook..

Connect to the wireless HTC.. then open a command prompt (Run -> CMD -> OK) and type in
ipconfig /all

Copy that information then post it back here..
Check it out
The 169 address states you are not getting a DHCP address..

Which program are you using and are there any settings for DHCP?  The carrier might have blocked this function.
sorry can you please explain further ! i am not technical in this however i was managing to open GPRS thru internet modem when i used my nokia n900
Your devices are making the connection then asking for an IP address from the router (phone in this case) and the phone is not returning an address.  When you do not get an IP address you get one of those 169.x.x.x type numbers.  So the phone has to issue a useable IP for the notebook & ipad to work.  Now the wifi router program might have came with the phone but the carrier has had the phone provider disable it functions.. Here Sprint wants to charge an extra $20 a month to enable the feature.

You might need a program like this to make it work.
so there is not a tweak can do this!
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The solution was that there is not a solution !