Cpanel IMAP and dovecot will not restart

I have been trying to restart my imap services after it un expently stop.
I rebooted server have tried everything but imap dovecot won't restart

I have tried shell commands to restart even tried whm

Help what happen
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sobeservices2Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hello everyone , I've looked into your issue and apparently your server stopped unexpectedly and left its pidfile in /var/run/dovecot. I was able to remove this pidfile,, and restart dovecot. It is now running normally, but I would watch it just to make sure for the next hour or so.

This was the case.
Jan SpringerCommented:
Did the time on the server drift backwards?

What does the log file indicate?
sobeservices2Author Commented:
How do I get to the log file?
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