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Drive Encryption and re-imaging


I'm thinking of encrypting both my OS and DATA drives on my laptop.  If I were to use either Bitlocker or TrueCrypt to encrypt my drives and I had to re-image my laptop (I use Acronis), would there be any issues?

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When you image your computer with acronis it create a unencrypted image.(you can use built-in password/encryption in acronis) Then when you will restore you will have an unencrypted disk.

If you want to "image" your drive and keep it encrypted, you will have to use bootcd to backup your computer, don't forget that since all your hard drive is encrypted your resulting image will be the same size as your hard drive.
why not just enable Bitlocker with out all the imaging back and forth just enable encryption and sit-back wile windows does it s stuff and then your drive will be encrypted.
and if you want to take a back up just use any imaging software it will just back up the encrypted drive as per normal just wont be able to compress it (id recommend shadow protect)
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armeniospinola: You're saying that I can encrypt my drive and Acronis will just image my OS partition it as it has alwa's done?  That's good.  Another thing which I just thought of is I have a Dell Studio 1747 and there are 2 smaller partitions (for recovery) on my 1st HD beside my OS partition.  Will bit locker encrypt those partitions also?  If so what effect would that have on my system?
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Acornis im not sure i use shadow protect  
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So what I'll do is only encrypt the OS partition and not the entire drive.  Also, I have a partition on my second 2nd HD just for data I wish to keep safe and will encrypt that partition also.  I usually redirect my folders (My documents, My Pictures, etc.) in Winodws 7 to that partition on my 2nd drive.  This way my OS and my data partitions will be encrypted.
Thank you, it's much appreciated.
Oh by the way, I bought ShadowProtect.  I especially like the Virtual Converter and Virtual Boot.
Thank you for everything.  It's apprecated.
The solultion was so good I was also converted to another imaging program.  Went from Acronis to ShadowProtect.
Its a pleasure thanks for the feedback and rating  every point is valuable trying to get my points up.

shadow protect is a life saver and its relatively cheap  so may it save your bacon like it saved mine.

Just for your consideration if your backing up from within windows I'm not to sure if your backup will be encrypted as i think windows may decrypt if so the backup can read the data so may be worth investigating. and make sure you tic the box to encrypt the backup.