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How to get rid of cisvc.exe forever?

We have multiple workstation configured with Windows XP Pro and on "some" of them, the program "cisvc.exe" is constantly consuming 50 to 100% of CPU time and slowing the machine down to a crawl. Killing the process with Task Manager corrects the problem immediately (until it happens again) but you try teaching IT illiterate staff how to do and you just double your frustration.

It seems to happen most when various versions of Nuance PaperPort are being used during scanning or manipulation of documents, but there is no pattern that I can find and it sometimes happens even if PaperPort hasn't been used.

I want to kill this cisvc.exe process permanently!  Stop it from loading at all. I know it has something to do with indexing, but I can't seem to permanently get rid of it no matter what I try.

Can anyone tell me how to stop this stupid thing from using CPU time or at least limit it to only use 1 or 2 % of CPU time via a registry entry or something?

Any help appreciated.

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see if the process explorer hack works for you - this is basically changing priority (look at the end)
obviously if you disable the indexing service you won't need this hack but it might work if you want to keep the indexing service.
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DMTechGrooup: The suggesting in that article seems to be what I'm looking for as we don't tend to use the Windows Search Function very much at all.  Will give it a try on a couple of machines and get back to you. Thanks.

rockiroads: If the first suggestion doesn't do the trick, I'll try your idea. Thanks for your input mate.
No worries. Reading up on this it seems indexing service should work as this exe is made just for the indexing service. Good luck!
DMTechGrooup: Looked promising but no good.. Uninstalling the Indexing Service from the ADD/REMOVE Windows components didn't work because it was never installed - no tick beside it already.

rockiroads: Have now tried your suggestion on one of the workstations and as per your suggested link, have set the priority of cisvc.exe from 8 to 6 (below normal) using Microsoft's Process Explorer as per the article.  Will monitor throughout the day (the staff member will whinge if it didn't work) and let you know the result.  Thanks :)
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ok, fingers crossed !
rockiroads: The idea of reducing priority to cisvc.exe helped a little, but unfortunately the problem re-occured again within half an hour.  Disabling it completely has stopped it now for a couple of hours. Thanks for the suggetion though.

DMTechGrooup: Here's the verbatim content of an Internal email I just got from the staff member who was complaining the most about cisvc.exe slowing her machine down all the time after I disabled it as per the link you pointed me to..  "it is working like a dream - thanks"  -  One happy staff member and also one happy Sys Admin who will hopefully now stopped being bugged all the time about the problem. Thanks heaps! Cheers..  :-)