How to Hide .aspx extension in Client Browser?

How can i hide .aspx extesion of url in Client Browser.I want to hide it or otherwise replace it with some other values.Is it possible through making changes in web.config or global.asax file.
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Kaushal AroraConnect With a Mentor Technical AnalystCommented:
Kaushal AroraTechnical AnalystCommented:
If you are using VS2008 then you can have a look at it also:
Dhanasekaran SengodanCommented:
use this isapi fillter.
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vivekpv10Author Commented:
for mvc architecture,which method is better??
ahmadmarediaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Described in the following two links are the two recommended approaches for MVC..  The first is IIs based and second is .Net code based

Both of these are recomended to be used with MVC... Which one of these two to use is based on your specific requirements, technology stack, application architecture, etc..

vivekpv10Author Commented:
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