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Cant connect entourage to exchange

I have a hosted exchange 2007 solution

if i try to connect with my account to an outlook 2010 there is no problem. But if i try to use the same account on a entourage 2008 it comes with this error. username og bad password and somthing about security settings....

What to to?
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1 Solution
Can you pls post the exact error message ?
itofficeAuthor Commented:
here it is...
more than a username and password error, it looks like a settings issue. are you certain that you are entering the correct security details ? if you can give me the hosted exchange proviuder, i can probably check.
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itofficeAuthor Commented:
im sorry but i cant do that.

I folloved this guide from the provider:

Configure Entourage 2008 with Exchange

1. Open Entourage
2. Click on ”Entourage”
3. Choose ”Account Settings”
4. Choose ”New” and click on ”Exchange”
5. Type in your e-mail address in the ”Account Setup Assistant” and click on ”Configure Account Manually”
6. Fill in the following information in the”Edit Account” window under the menu ”Account Settings”:
a. Account name:
i. Name your e-mail account (e.g. Harry’s e-mail)
b. Personal information:
i. Name: User’s first name and last name (this is the name that is displayed in the ”From-field” when one sends an e-mail)
ii. E-mail address: User’s e-mail address
c. Authentication:
i. Account-ID: Type in user name (e.g. name.lastname@company.com – NB! Must be the same as is registered in your control panel)
ii. Domain: Leave empty
iii. Password: User’s password Ange användarens lösenord (NB! Must be the same as is registered in your control panel)
d. Server information:
i. Exchange server: ssl.smarthost.se/exchange/
i.e. the above example would be: ssl.smarthost.se/exchange/name.lastname@company.com
ii. Mark ”This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL)”
If you want to configure public folders you must also complete the following steps:
7. Click on the menu ”Advanced” in the window ”Edit Account” (do steps 1-4 above) and fill in the following information
a. Public Folder Settings:
i. Public folders server: ssl.smarthost.se
8. Finish by clicking on OK
can you double check if you've done this bit

i.  Exchange server: ssl.smarthost.se/exchange/<Account-ID> (or your own ssl address)
(e.g. ssl.smarthost.se/exchange/john.smith@customer.com)
ii.  Mark ”This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL)”

and this as well

c.  Authentication: Account-ID: user name, same as for the control panel
          ii.  Domain: leave this blank
          iii.  Password:  same as for the control panel
itofficeAuthor Commented:
i did that and just checked it again.. still dont work :-(

Also from here http://www.macwindows.com/entourage.html

Pls check with the control panel if your account got disabled and also it mentions a few other things in regards to login keychains
sorry, disabled is not the word - 'locked out'
itofficeAuthor Commented:
well the data is correct. i just tryed the OWA no problem and i tryed to setup it up outlook no problem...

also found these

Delete the Entourage accounts. ( Blow out all the settings - Reinstall if you must ) and then try setting up a new account. Or try the settings on the same computer, but different user ( Set up a new user account on the Mac and try launching and setting up Entourage on that user to see if that works - this will show us if its a user issue, bad or corrupted preferences, etc )
Also a few others had to contact the Hosted Exch provider about these and they resolved the issue.

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