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Citrix XenApp 4.5 Color depth restrictions

Hello there,

Please let me know when we configure Citrix Published app to High Color 16 bit, will the image in the application gets delivered in high color 16 bit qulaity to Citrix end users?.
My Citrix farm is XenApp4.5 on Windows 2003
Citrix ICA client installed in users PC across the network: CItrix Online Plugin 11.2

According to the developer who has designed the application using MS Access and later converted to SQL, is saying that, CItrix setting of High color 16 bit is not reflected in end user Citrix session, when launcing his application.

I want to know if the issue lies in Citrix or the developer needs to go back and tweak his color settings?

Please help, this is quite urgent.
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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One quick way to determine this:

Open the Access application on your local workstation. If the images appear correctly there, but NOT when viewed through the Citrix connection, then something is amiss in the Citrix connection. There are several settings in the Citrix client and server which can affect this, but I'm not sure which you should review.

Note also that upsizing to SQL Server should have no effect on this.
Citrix have color settings on both sides (on server and on client). A have no Online plugin, in Citrix Program Neiborhoood you can mark - "Use server settings for color" or set it manually.
Where you choice color depth?
I have tested Access application with client set to "Server settings" and color depth on client was changed when server settings was changed. Tested with Citrix Access Essentials 2 (similar to 4.5 XenApp) on 2003 server
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Hello there,

I have changes the application appearance setting in Access Management console to High Color 16 bit, I am finding that when users launch the application, the background color is degraded and the application is a simple MS Access application.

Why is this happening? Does Citrix not have the ability to display 16 bit high color at the client end?

Please advise.
And what settings are on client side? Also 16 bit or "Server settings"? Try to look also to "compressing" settings.
Client side has 16 bit high color set on the Citrix Online Plug-in 11.2.
I had problems (not with colors) with 11.2 client. Can you try 11.0?
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Seems like you have several comments from Experts who suggested you do this (not me, but here: http:a#33636047). We can't actually do this for you, so the best we can do is suggest what you look for.