Laptop specifications for SharePoint Server 2010

I need to provide a spec for a laptop on which I will need to install:
1. SharePoint Server 2010.
2. Visual Studio 2010.
3. Sql Server 2008

I am not really a hardware guy so any help and advice on specific laptops will be very welcomed.

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JaoibhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
recently I bought a Dell Studio 15 -- 1558
With an Intel i7
4 - 6Gb of ram
500gb 7200rpm disk.
Blu-Ray drive
15.6" WLED screen
Around 1250 Euro.

It runs so fast I'm running server 2008 R2 on it the ATI card doesnt work with the proper driver but the standard one gives you full resolution just wont work if you're a gammer.
Need more info really, you'll be able to install those apps on just about any laptop you can buy today, the real question is to what use the applications will be put.

How many sharepoint users, and what kind of size of repository?
How many and what size databases, and with how many users?  
Will the laptop be used statically, or will all the apps be expected to perform on the move?  (to understand if you could use some external storage here, perhaps)

Ideally it would be good to know the complexity and frequency of queries that will be run against the database(s).

In general laptops tend to suffer from relatively poor hard disk performance compared to desktop machines, though in recent years this gap has been shrinking.  There are choices like SSD (Solid State Disc) that can be specified to overcome these issues.


check out for higher L2 cache memory . which ever version u buy
i3 have 3mb and 6mb cache
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racinecondeAuthor Commented:
Basically I will develop an application that will interact with a SharePoint application on a SharePoint 2010 server. What I want is to have the whole environment on my laptop for development purposes.

More info about the laptop:
--> Processor: 64-bit, four cores (minimum) OR 64-bit, eight cores (I think this might a bit too much but please let me know what you think)
--> RAM: 8GB OR 16GB (again I think this might a bit too much but please let me know what you think)

I didn't add the disk space requirements because I think any laptop will meet them.
the Dell machine I suggested will cover exactly what you need.
Trust me I'm right! :)
racinecondeAuthor Commented:
How do I know that the laptop is "four cores" or a "eight cores"??
JaoibhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i5 has 2 cores and 4 threads
i7 has 4 cores and 8 threads.

I use the site and it gives you a cool break down of the processors before you buy.
I know it's a bit overkill, but my employer gave me a EliteBook 8540w with SSD disk and 16GB of ram. This allows me to run small farm configurations which helps me in development / ALM setup as I am able to run TFS at the same time as well.

Before that I had a sony Vaio with 6gb of ram and that ran fine as well.
You don't mention which OS, however it will have to be a 64bit version given the RAM specs you are talking about.

The number of cores is dependant on how hard you are going to multitask the thing, my view is 4 is more than sufficient and the latest mobile Intel chips come at a price point where dipping to 2 hardware threads simply isn't worth doing.  The amount of RAM you will need will depend, as per my previous post, on the use you'll put the apps to.  If you pick a laptop with maximum memory configuration 50% above what you need now (8GB) then you should be able to shove some more in if you find your demands on it increase.

I can't help thinking that most of the advice is speccing a device way more than needed, mostly due to the way things will pan out.  If your developing an app, when you compile you won't be also battering sharepoint and SQL - so what is important there is RAM and speed of your disk.  When you're testing you want snappy response from the DB and sharepoint.

Rather than "guess" - find someone with a laptop you think will do it or you like the spec of, then grab an external usb disk and build your environment on there and see how it goes.  Performance will be comparable with a USB attached desktop disk as with a 7200rpm external via USB.  If you need more disk performance, specify an SSD disk rather than a traditional HDD.
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