Quartz Scheduler - Is it possible to configure non-global listeners declaratively?

Is it possible to configure (registering with scheduler) non-global job listeners declaratively in properties file (rather than programmatically) similar to configuring global listeners in Quartz Scheduler?

Check here for:
   1. Programmatically adding a global job listener
   2. Programmatically adding a non-global job listener

Example for configuring a Global JobListener declaratively:
org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.class = com.foo.MyListenerClass
org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.propName = propValue
org.quartz.jobListener.NAME.prop2Name = prop2Value

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ZoniacConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've found the solution for my question after posting the same question in Quartz Scheduler forum.

Answer is: No.


You may want to consider this:

... for 2.0 (in the current code trunk) the features are completely removed. All listeners will be registered with the scheduler, and they themselves can filter out (ignore) messages relating to jobs/triggers they don't care about. See existing "FilterAndBroadcastJobListener" and


ZoniacAuthor Commented:
Hi gremwell,

Thanks for sharing that link, which is very well informed in advance.

I'm currently using Quartz Scheduler v1.8.3, any idea on whether non-global listeners can be configured declaratively atleast in this current version?
Sorry, can't help you with that.
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