Set default program through group policy


For some unknown reason a large number of my users are unable to open TIF files, where recently, the default application was set to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

I am still investigating what made the change, however, in the meantime, I would like to set the default program for TIF files back to the Picture and Fax Viewer.

Is this possible through group policy?

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Check this out. I hope this will help!
GilesmpAuthor Commented:
@vickzz - That would be perfect, however, we are currently using Server 2003

@Bogeholm - I will try this now and report back, thanks
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1.  Click the Windows server "Start" button and then click "Administrative Tools." Click "Group Policy Management Console" to open the policy manager.

2. Right-click the group policy server name and select "Edit." In the list of options, click "Computer Configuration," "Preferences," then "Control Panel Settings."

3. Right-click the "Folder Options" icon and select "New," then "File Type." This opens a new configuration window.

4. Enter the file extension for the new group policy. Select a program from the list of software in the "Association" list. Click "OK" to save your settings and close the group policy editor.

Try above steps and see if they help.

GilesmpAuthor Commented:
Vickzz - please stop giving me solutions for Windows 2008!
GilesmpAuthor Commented:
Have been testing out on a couple of systems and this appears to have worked.

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